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Pioneer 10| Pioneer 11| Voyager 1, Voyager 2| Galileo| Ulysses| Cassini

Europa Orbiter Mission to Jupiter!

Europa Orbiter

Possible Launch date: 2008

This mission is currently under study. The Europa Orbiter will use a radar sounder to study Europa's icy surface and attempt to determine the thickness of the ice and whether liquid water exists below the ice. Other instruments to study the surface and interior would include an imaging device with multiple filters to map the surface at a resolution of 100 meters and a laser altimeter to measure the topography and characterize the tidal response of the surface. The mission would be launched from the Space Shuttle using an inertial upper stage on a direct trajectory to Jupiter and arrive around 2010. After a year or two of Jupiter orbits, Moon flybys, and orbit corrections, the spacecraft would be put into a 200 km orbit about Europa, where it is expected to last for about one month before radiation damage from the approximately 2 megarad dosage renders the spacecraft unusable. The spacecraft would be equipped with radiation shielding, a 2 meter diameter high-gain antenna, radioisotope generators, and 670 kg of propellant and propulsion systems of its total 950 kg mass.

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***Europa Orbiter - NASA - 2008

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