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Pioneer 10| Pioneer 11| Voyager 1, Voyager 2| Galileo| Ulysses| Cassini

Galileo Mission to Jupiter!


Launch date: Oct. 18, 1989

Galileo went into orbit around Jupiter on December 8, 1995. One day earlier, the Jupiter Probe, which had been released from the main spacecraft six months earlier, plunged into the jovian clouds. It was protected by a heat shield and its descent was slowed by a parachute.

The probe sent back information about the temperature, wind speeds and pressure as it descended through the clouds. It finally succumbed to the incredible pressure (24 times Earth's pressure at sea level) one hour after it began its descent.

Galileo acted as a relay for the probe - even though Galileo's main antenna had failed to deploy entirely. Despite communication difficulties caused by the faulty antenna, Galileo's original mission lasted for two and a half years. The spacecraft took incredible images of Jupiter and the larger moons during that time. The mission was then extended for another two and a half years. Galileo has survived twice as long as originally planned. The spacecraft will continue to orbit Jupiter until August of 2003 when it will be programmed to plunge into the gas giant.

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