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Jupiter Summary


Jupiter Moon: Lysithea!

All outer moons of Jupiter maped.

The figure above shows a plan view of the orbits of all 31 known outer irregular satellites of Jupiter known before 2002. Irregular satellites have large orbits, inclinations and eccentricities. Because of their orbit characteristics and small size they are believed to be objects captured during the early formation of Jupiter.

-Black Dot is Jupiter's location.

-Purple dotted line is the orbit of the outer most Galilean satellite Callisto.

-Green dotted and dashed line is the inner most irregular prograde satellite Themisto.

-Blue dashed lines are the 5 irregular satellites in the prograde group know before 2002.

-Red solid lines are the 11 discovered irregular satellites of 2001 in the retrograde group.

-Red dashed lines are the 14 previously known irregular satellites in the retrograde group.

Lysithea, the twelveth satellite of Jupiter was discovered by S. Nicholson in 1938. In Greek mythology, Lysithea was a daughter of Oceanus (one of Zeus's lovers). There is very little information known about Lysithea.

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