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Io is seen in this image near the center of the frame in front of the southern hemisphere of Jupiter. The image was taken on 25 June 1979 from a distance of 12 million km. Io's yellowish color is due to sulfur compounds. Features as small as 200 km can be resolved in this image. Io is 3640 km in diameter, roughly the size of Earth's Moon, and north is at 11:30. Date/Time: 1979-06-25; Voyager 2; NASA Image ID number: P-21719; Instrument: Narrow Angle Vidicon Camera

In July 1994, 21 chunks of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, which had broken apart a year earlier, slammed into Jupiter. The Hubble telescope recorded this spectacular event.

These images, beginning at lower right, chronicle the results of one such collision. Hubble began snapping pictures of the impact area just five minutes after the collision. Nothing can be seen. Less than two hours later, a plume of dark debris is visible [bull's-eye pattern, image second from bottom]. Two impact sites are visible in the next picture, taken a few days later. The final snapshot shows three impact sites, the newest near the bull's-eye-shaped region. Date/Time: March 4, 1995; Hubble Space Telescope; STScI-1995-15; Credit: R. Evans, J. Trauger, H. Hammel and the HST Comet Science Team and NASA.

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