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   -  Callisto
   -  Themisto
   -  Leda
   -  Himalia
   -  Lysithea
Jupiter Summary


History of Jupiter's Sign and Name

This is the symbol of the planet Jupiter. Jupiter was named after the Roman primary god, Jupiter. Jupiter has been well-known since ancient times. It is the third-brightest object in the night sky (after the moon and Venus).

The supreme god of the Roman pantheon, Jupiter, had the most important sanctuary in Rome, where official treaties were signed and wars were declared. His attribute was the lightning bolt and the eagle was his symbol.

Zeus, the Greek Jupiter, also had many festivities and temples dedicated to his name and the Olympic games were held in his honour.

Echoing the Roman representation, Jupiter was linked to powerful manifestations of lightning and thunderbolts in Egypt as Amon, in Hindu astronomy as Brihaspati, and in Scandinavian epics as Thor.

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