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More Pictures of Mars!

Viking 2 Lander image showing the spacecraft and part of Utopia Planitia, looking due south. Note the American flags, color grid, and bicentennial symbols on the spacecraft, which were used for color balance. The RTG (radiothermal generator) cover is in the foreground with the flag. The S-band high-gain antenna is at the top center, and the other RTG cover is at the left. The image spans an azimuth of about 140 degrees. The image was taken at 12:20 lander local time. Date/Time: 1976-11-02 T 15:24:49; Viking 2 Lander; NASA Image ID number: 21C056; Instrument: Viking Lander 2 Scanning Camera 1

Color mosaic of Olympus Mons volcano on Mars from the Viking 1 Orbiter. The mosaic was created using images from orbit 735 taken 22 June 1978. Olympus Mons is about 600 km in diameter and the summit caldera is 24 km above the surrounding plains. The complex aureole terrain is visible at the top of the frame. North is up. Date/Time: 1978-06-22 T 05:00; Viking 1 Orbiter; NASA Image ID number: MH20N133-735A; Instrument: Visual Imaging Subsystem

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