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Pictures of Mars!

Global mosaic of 102 Viking 1 Orbiter images of Mars taken on orbit 1,334, 22 February 1980. The images are projected into point perspective, representing what a viewer would see from a spacecraft at an altitude of 2,500 km. At center is Valles Marineris, over 3000 km long and up to 8 km deep. Note the channels running up (north) from the central and eastern portions of Valles Marineris to the dark area, Acidalic Planitia, at upper right. At left are the three Tharsis volcanoes and to the south is ancient, heavily impacted terrain. Date/Time: 1980-02-22 T 11:00; Viking 1 Orbiter; NASA Image ID number: MG07S078-334SP; Instrument: Visual Imaging Subsystem

This view of Mars was created by reconstructing imaging data to correct for distortions and spacecraft motion. The image gives an approximation of what Mars would look like through a wide angle lens at an altitude of 2700 km over 30 S, 70 W. At the top (north) of the image is Valles Marineris, the system of canyons which stretches for over 4000 km. The white area at the bottom of the image is the south polar cap. The image covers about 100 degrees of longitude and latitude with a resolution of 7.4 km. The hazy appearance is due to dust in the atmosphere from a dust storm 3 weeks before the image was taken. The image is false color, created from the blue and red filtered wide angle camera. Date/Time: 1997-12-13 T 15:21:00; Mars Global Surveyor; NASA Image ID number: MRPS86906; Instrument: Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC).

Viking 1 Lander image of Chryse Planitia looking over the lander. The large white object at lower left and center, with the American flag on the side, is the radiothermal generator (RTG) cover. The high-gain S-band antenna is at upper right. The view, from 22 N, 50 W, is to the northwest. Chryse Planitia is a wide, low plain covered with large rocks and loose sand and dust. The image was taken on 30 August 1976, a little over a month after landing. Date/Time: 1976-08-30; Viking 1 Lander; NASA Image ID number: 12B069; Instrument: Viking 1 Lander Scanning Camera 2.

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