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Short Facts about Mercury!

Short Facts:

- Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and has no moons.

- Mercury's thin atmosphere consist of trace amounts of hydrogen and helium. The atmospheric pressure is only a tiny fraction (about 2 trillionths) of the atmospheric pressure on Earth.

- Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our Solar System.

- Mercury is about 3,031 miles (4,878 km) in diameter. It is the smallest planet in our Solar System.

- Mercury has a huge range in temperatures. Its surface ranges in temperature from -270°F to 800°F (-168°C to 427°C).

- During the very long daytime (88 Earth-days long), the temperatures are very high (the second-highest in the Solar System - only Venus is hotter)

- Mercury's mass is about 3.3 x 1023 kg. This is about 1/20th of the mass of the Earth.

- The gravity on Mercury is 38% of the gravity on Earth. A 100 pound person on Mercury would weigh 38 pounds. To calculate your weight on Mercury, just multiply your weight by 0.38.

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