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Pictures of Neptune!

The Hubble telescope has been used to assemble a time-lapse color movie showing a full 16-hour rotation of the distant planet Neptune. The movie, made from a series of Hubble observations over nine consecutive orbits, allows astronomers to track cloud motion on the planet. The clear pictures reveal the planet's powerful equatorial jet stream, immense storms, and dark spot in the Northern Hemisphere. These snapshots provide views of the weather on opposite hemispheres. The photos disclose features of Neptune's blustery weather. October 24, 1996; Hubble Space Telescope; STScI-1996-33

Voyager 2 contrast-enhanced image of Neptune. This image was taken on 14 August 1989, 11 days before closest approach. Wispy cirrus-type clouds can be seen overlying the Great Dark Spot at the far right of the image, at about 25 S latitude. These features move eastward (to the right) together with the strong global winds. Banding can be seen at different latitudes. The south pole is towards the bottom of the disk. Neptune is about 49,000 km in diameter. Date/Time: 1989-08-14; Voyager 2; NASA Image ID number: P-34595c; Instrument: Narrow Angle Vidicon Camera

Voyager 2 image of Neptune showing the Great Dark Spot and associated bright clouds and a bright Scooter to the lower left. Below the Scooter can be seen a smaller dark spot with a bright core. All the features are moving to the east at different speeds with the strong global winds. This image was produced with the orange, green, and clear filters. The Great Dark Spot is about 6,000 km from top to bottom. North is at 12:30. Voyager 2; P-34632; Instrument: Narrow Angle Vidicon Camera

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