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Short Facts about Neptune!

- Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun in our solar system.

- This giant, frigid planet has a hazy atmosphere and strong winds. This gas giant is orbited by eight moons and narrow, faint rings arranged in clumps.

- Neptune cannot be seen using the eyes alone.

- Neptune was the first planet whose existence was predicted mathematically (the planet Uranus's orbit was perturbed by an unknown object which turned our to be another gas giant, Neptune).

- Neptune is about 30,775 miles (49,528 km) in diameter. This is 3.88 times the diameter of the Earth. If Neptune were hollow, it could hold almost 60 Earths.

- Neptune is the fourth largest planet in our Solar System (after Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus).

- A 100-pound person would weigh 119 pounds on Neptune.

- Each day on Neptune takes 19.1 Earth hours. A year on Neptune takes 164.8 Earth years; it takes almost 165 Earth years for Neptune to orbit the sun once.

- Since Neptune was discovered in 1846, it has not yet completed a single revolution around the sun.

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