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Saturn Summary


History of Saturn's Sign and Name

Saturn was named for the Roman god of agriculture.

According to the Greek poet Hesiod, Gaia (Earth) and Ouranos' (Uranus) youngest child was "devious-devising" Kronos (Saturn), a "terrible child". He castrated his father with a sickle Gaia gave him, and became the supreme ruler of the world. Fearing the same fate as his father, Kronos swallowed his first five children and retained them in his stomach where they could do no harm. But his wife Rhea saved his youngest child, Zeus (Jupiter) who later assumed lordship over the world.

For the Romans, Saturn became a farming deity, a corn god, with only some of the attributes of the Greek god. Saturn's pictorial representations wielding a sickle could have been an agricultural representation by the Romans or an evocation of Gaia's sickle itself. The identification of Saturn with time may have derived from Kronos' devouring acts, as "time devours everything".

In Hindu mythology Saturn is Sani. One story about the origins of Ganesh, the Hindu god with an elephant's head, says Sani burnt his original head to ashes with his glance and this had to be replaced with the first thing found.

In China, Fo-Hi, the legendary first ruler of the nation was also identified with the planet Saturn.

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